How to Get Posters out of AP Without Completely Ruining Your Life

Not gonna lie, one of the worst things about AP is the fact that, despite having awesome posters in every issue, they aren’t perforated and the magazine isn’t held together with staples like Rocksound is. But I found out a way to get them out without ripping the edges and/or ruining your entire life.

Things you’re going to need:

  • An issue of AP that you don’t mind giving up, because you’re going to fucking destroy this thing. I get 3 copies of every issue specifically for this purpose.
  • Razor blade, xacto knife, or a scalpel left over from the last time you performed surgery in your bedroom
  • Scotch tape (if you want to put two pages together)

1. First, pull the front and back covers off carefully, leaving the pages and the spine of the magazine exposed.

If you want to keep one of the covers, peel it off gently and slowly before you rip the back one off. You can cut the side part off later.

2. Now pull the pages out until you get to the poster you want. Don’t take too many off at a time (more than 3 or 4), they’ll rip and that sucks. But if they do, use your sharp object to pick off the excess paper and glue from the side.

3. When you get to the poster(s) you want, cAREFULLY peel it out starting at the top and going to the bottom.

If you want to take out a spread, peel it off from the back page so the two pages stay glued together, then tape it together from the back to reinforce it.

4. Now don’t forget to cry over Mitch Lucker. 

5. Look at all the pretty band members!!!!!!11!!!1!!!11

6. Tape those motherfuckers on your wall, or use sticky putty if you don’t want them to rip when you take them off.

7. Brag, because you’re hardcore. Stay metal, you little rascal.

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